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Hello Folks! Thanks so much for stopping by my fashion blog. I started this portal back in 2012 and I believe it is read by 3000+ regular subscribers! This is my online channel to express and share my opinions, knowledge, and favourites from the world of personal fashion & beauty. I hope you enjoy! - Jacqueline Byrne

Your Guide to Colour Mixing

Have you ever gone through phases where you get hooked onto neutral, mono-colors? I do and my wardrobe goes from colourful to neat stacks of monochromes in no time. It’s probably an effect of changing seasons. So what do you do when you have a wardrobe full of neutrals? You mix and match? So, go on try on a pale orange skirt with a green jacket and
white shirt. Or a striped top with a solid mono coloured pant and neutral stilettos.

Psst! blue and red is a killer combo if you haven’t tried it yet. Trust me when I say mixing two tones of boring plain colours helps make some big fashion statements!

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