Socks are those clothing items that are worn by both genders across all ages in UK. They are a necessity when it comes to certain shoe types that can be way painful and problematic if one is not wearing a countering pair of socks. However, despite being under-looked,they also do get influenced by fashion trends, especially when it comes to women’s socks. There are a whole lot of different categories when it comes to women’s socks in UK.

Here are the different types of socks that are used by women.

Ankle Length

These are one of the highly regarded options when it comes to low-cut shoes and loafers which are nowadays worn equally by men and women. They are perfect for a casual look and do complement well on some formal occasions. They are also available in several color options. As the name suggests, these socks cover spaces up to the ankles of the feet and give a very colorful yet sophisticated look.

Quarter Length

These options in socks have a length that allows them to go just a bit above the ankles of the wearers. They are almost able to cover the shins. They offer good coverage for the feet to be protected enough from blisters and safeguard it from bites. They are used for professional purposes by the men while women use them as a means for protecting feet. These socks are often used during sporting events and other acts of athletic nature.

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